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Meanwhile here is some old news

1st March 2014
Interclub St Pats. Another great day had by all in our first interclub of the year. Check out these and other photos of days gone by here


September 2013

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The photos of the T.A.G.B. World Championships are now up. Well done to all who took part.
The Best of the Best is on this Saturday the 28th of September we hope to see you there as it will be good prepration for the Dublin Tae Kwon Do open the following week in roadstone (sameplace as Best of the Best)

June 2013

Well it has been another busy year since Christmas.
There has been two Best of the Best competitions, a Best of the Best awards night the Irish Open a Korean Kickboxing championship two inter club competitions the All Ireland open Tae Kwon Do  championships and a grading to mention a few and  that’s just the first half of the year. Next up we have the T.A.G.B World Championships in Coventry before the summer break. Good Luck to all taking part and well done to all students who entered any of the above competitions. It’s all about gaining experience for the future.
Sorry the update is not so up to date will try to keep it more current in the future.
Please follow us on the Twitter or check the Twitter feed on this website for updates

February 2013

It's been a while since the las update apologies again we will try to do them more frequently in the future
The Interclub competition was another great success and well done to all who took part it was great having the two
associations taking part T.A.I. & K.K.B.A. and everyone is always welcome to take part.
Here are some dates that are coming up

  • Irish Open March 2013 1st 2nd 3rd Citywest (register with your club)
  • Best of the Best 13th April (Roadstone Sports and Social Club Naas Road)  
  • Korean Kickboxing Championships11th May
  • 15th June All Ireland Open Tae Kwon Do Championships Red Cow Naas Rd
  • Grading 19th June St Pats Drumcondra

  • Tae Kwon Do World Championships (T.A.G.B.) Coventry July12,13,14th for more info www.worlds.tkdi.biz


May 30, 2012

The latest inter club took place on Saturday the 26th of May 2012 in St.Pats School Drumcondra. It was a realy great day and was very important especialy for the students who were taking part in their first competition.Well done to all and we would like to thank all the students,parents and guardians for their support as it is you who make these competitions.There are some photos from the day on our photos page enjoy and we will see you all again soon

March 20, 2012

Well done to all our students who took part in the Irish Open in City West. What a great competition with a world class standard right on our doorstep. Congratulations to the organisers on another great success with 29 countries and over 2400 competitors over the 3 days of competition.We are already looking forward to next year.

Sunday 25th March "Superfoot" Bill Wallace Course, Roadstone Sports and Social Club Naas Road opp. Maldron Hotel

Saturday 31st March Best of the Best, Roadstone Sports and Social Club Naas Road opp. Maldron Hotel


February 14, 2012

Well the inter club was a great success again with the new students learning so much on the day .we would just like to thank all the parents and volunteers who helped out on the day,it was much appreciated .Hopefully they picked up a few tips along the way, also.

So don't forget to register for the Irish Open1st -4th March

Super Foot Bill Wallace is having a course in the Roadstone Club on the 24th of March


February 2, 2012

What a busy year it was. There are many photos to still be put up on the site and lots to tell you about. We hope to be keeping the site more up to date for information for you about up and coming competitions and events that are taking place. But for now we would just like to congratulate the students who took part in the first Best of the Best of the year and the ones who became Grand Champions and Double Grand Champions (WOW) what an achievement.

There is an inter- club competition coming up on the 11th on February in St Pat’s school Drumcondra see your instructor for more information.

The Irish Open is taking place on the 1st -4th of March  

Super Foot Bill Wallace is having a course in the Roadstone Club on the 24th of March.

More to follow check back soon


Happy New Year to all our students and instructors . All our clubs will return to training this week. Best of the Best 28/01/2011 Check Back Soon For more updates .



All clubs are now reopened.


Grading Thursday 16th December 2010 from 6.45p.m. St. Pats School Drumcondra (see your instructor for more details)




Due to the bad weather we have had to close the clubs, this is a big upset for everyone. It has interfered with our preparation for the Best of the Best and our up and coming grading. We hope to be back on track this Wednesday (8/12/2010) when conditions are much safer.

We are sorry that we have not being updating our web site as we know some of you use it for information about the events that are going on,but the decision to close the clubs has been made on a last minute basis as we are waiting to see what the weather is doing. We are trying to keep them open that is why some of the texts have been a bit late in coming. We hope everyone has been receiving the text messages for the updates as this is the most practical way of keeping you informed since access to update the web site is not always possible at the right time.

We will catch up on our training when we return and will make up any lost time . So keep training yourselves and be ready to pick up where we left off.

Best of the Best Competition Saturday 11th December at 11a.m. (please note later time of starting)

Grading Thursday 16th December 2010 from 6.45p.m. St. Pats School Drumcondra (see your instructor for more details on our return)

New Suits as of this post have not arrived yet.

So we hope you can bare with us and we will see you all soon.

Thank you

Master White





First Aid Course

The Association is holding a first aid course, this course is for anyone over the age of 12 years and is for parents and instructors. This course will take place on 16 October 9:45 AM. The fee for this is €15 please register with your club instructor. This course is being held by Brian Pentony who is a qualified first aid instructor, see your instructor for more details.


World Championships Telford England

Well done to all of our students who took part in the 2010 world championships in Telford. It was a great tournament and we had a massive success, out of the 13 students who took part we took home 12 medals this was a fantastic return as there was over 1700 competitors over the two days.

Please go to our world championship page to see these students.

As instructors we are very proud of this achievement, the students have worked hard for this over the years. Starting at the very start with the inter club competitions, then the Best of the Best moving on to British and European Championships and finally this great achievement of the World Championships.

We would like to take this time to thank the parents for their time and commitment to their children as this is a key ingredient to their success.

We would also like to thank the TAGB for the invitation to their world championships and what a great success it was, we hope we can take part in the future and we are already looking forward to the next one.

World Championship Results

Eddie Moran 1st Pl. Boy Sparring — Green Belts — Points St
Ella Connelly 1st Pl. Girls Sparring – Green Belts – Point Stop.
Louis Cassidy 1st Pl. Boys TI Red/Blue Belt Teams Lightweight Team Bongo Bongo
2nd Pl. Boys Blue Belt Patterns
Matty Moran 1st Pl., Boys TI Red/Blue Belt Teams Lightweight Team Bongo Bongo
Jordan White Boys TI Red/Blue Belt Teams Lightweight Team Bongo Bongo
Robert Egan 1st Place Welterweight Men Red Belt 72k Sparring
John Archbold Winner Men's Destruction – Black Belts Side Kick
Katie White 3rd Pl. Girls Sparring – Green Belts – Point Stop
Sam O’Briain 2nd Pl. Boys TI Green/Yellow Belt Teams (Over 152 cm) Team Mixed Nations
Sibéal O’Briain 3rd Pl. Girls Sparring – Blue Belts – Point Stop.
Serena Nealon 2nd Pl. Girls TI Black Belt Teams (Under 152 cm) Team Irish Girls
Dean Gleason World Championship Participant 2010
Jack McDonnell World Championship Participant 2010



Once again we must apologize for the time it has taken us to update our "Latest News Page" but and there's always a but ... we have been very busy.


Well what's been happening the first Best of the Best has been and gone again we had some winners and if you want them to be put up here please tell us and well give you a mention. Master White and Mr. Cullen attended a course in cork with Grand Master C.K Choi and they say it was great to be in the presence of such knowledge and experience and they would like to extend their thanks to the T.A.G.B. and all involved . They really enjoyed the evening and meeting up with some of the other associations and clubs that attended.

Well done to the students who took part in the W.A.K.O. Irish Open in City West. We had no winners or placing over the two days but they took a lot of experience and other things from the event. It was fantastic, well run and well organized it was a credit to the organizers and we thank them for the invite .It was great to such a big event taking place in Ireland and it shows how big martial arts and kick boxing are in Ireland and abroad . There was something like 33 different countries and up to 2300 competitors over the two days with some great fighters on show.

The next grading will be on Thursday 25 of March in Star of the Sea school (check “Our Clubs” page for directions) the one after that will take place in June.


Next up then is the Best of the Best™ competition in Roadstone on the 17 of April. We will have five students from across the clubs receiving best of the best grand championship jackets



T.A.I. Inter Club Competition at St Pats Drumcondra

7th November, 2009


When one is compiling a report it is always made easier by the fact that it was a very enjoyable competition; for competitors, officials and parents alike. Even Master White as Chief Referee for the competition appeared to really enjoy the event. He was observing events in both competition areas and offered helpful advice to all concerned. However, when one competitor heavily disguised in head guard, gum shield, gloves and foot pads, was asked where he was from ( i.e. what club ?) he replied much to everyone's’ delight “Ireland !?” it will give you some idea of the fun we had.


Apart from a leadership struggle between apprentice black belts for the title of main referee in the Junior area everything went smoothly (and the officials concerned (Zac and Serena) realised they could actually take turns being the main referee in that area (only the 3rd Referee Hazel can tell you exactly how they came to that agreement) – as time and experience will show rotating the main referee in each area is a way of keeping fresh and alert). Everything went smoothly, that is, until a team draw was queried by a competitor. This query demonstrated to the parents helping out on the scoreboard duties that point “count back” is a wonderful idea especially as the team advancing to the final did so by only one point - 9 points to 8 points the final score in that team match.


Anyway the long and short of it is that there was a high level of participation from all TAI Clubs which is always great as competitors who only fight within their own clubs will become stale. There were some interesting matches especially as Mr. Cullen made every effort to ensure matches were equal between grade, height and age.


Master White pointed out that the standard of patterns has fallen since the All-Ireland earlier this year. Competitors need to ensure that the standard is kept high. More power is required in every technique. The winning team in the senior area for patterns was TAI Warriors (Eoin, Ryan and Dale) who gave an excellent demonstration of team pattern performance. Their pattern had flow, timing and was technically correct. Former All-Ireland winners at individual level “Girls of Fire” are only smoldering at the present time and it is hoped they will burst into flame sometime again in the near future. Placed 2nd in the Team Patterns were TAI Dragons (Caragh, Freddie and Rachel) who presented a fine pattern performance. Placed 3rd were TAI Tigers (Matt, Shane and Sam).


Team Actimel (Sam, Sibéal and Katie) came first in the Team Fighting only after a second deciding bout following on from a well fought team draw. Mr. White should be very proud of his fighters as they gave an excellent demonstration of competition fighting while showing a keen understanding of the scores and what hung in the balance - including the most perfectly timed grab of an opponent (by Sam) to draw a match. Matt was also 3 points up in his semi final team fight when he got on his bike and circled that area better than I have ever seen. The three referees had to exit the area to allow him circle his opponent. Team Kiwi 1 which was second was comprised of Ella, Matt and Aaron. Cathal had a mixed day in the teams but represented his club very well showing very good character. Aaron fared out better and provided us with some very exiting fighting. So it was a very close run thing to find out which was the healthiest team - Actimels or Kiwis.


Other finalists were as follows:


Individual Patterns 1st Hazel, 2nd Sibéal, 3rd Matt

Individual Patterns 1st Aoibheann, 2nd Freddie, 3rd Ella

Individual Patterns 1st Adam , 2nd Molly, 3rd Jack

Individual Patterns 1st Joe, 2nd Oisin, 3rd Vlad

Fighting 1st Daniel, 2nd Adam,

Fighting 1st Joe, 2nd Shannon

Fighting 1st Dean, 2nd Jack

Fighting 1st Odhran, 2nd Charlie


Congratulations to all those juniors who took part. Some of them for their first time in competition - some not so new to competition. We have to give them all a mention. Molly, Daniel Grennan and Daniel Day, Jack, Samuel, Craig, Dean, Charlie, Cillian, Dylan, Odhran, William, Casey, Oisin, Joe, Adam, Vlad, Patrick and Eoin. I hope I haven’t left anyone out.


Much thanks is owed to the other officials and parents for their support of the event, in particular, Ger, Valerie, Liam, Tony and our resident photographer Eilish.


Reporter: Danny Lennon








A.I.M.A.A Scotland National Championships


The Association would like to Thank Master Kirkwood on our recent trip to Scotland as he was very welcoming to all our students and instructors and to Mrs Kirkwood who was very accommodating on all levels. Their time and preparation could be seen on the day as the competition was run very well.  Also we would like to Thank Master Darcy for his kind words and support to all our students as it was greatly appreciated.  And to the A.I.M.A.A instructors who treated our students as if they were their own for this we are truly Thankful.


The whole trip to Scotland was very successful we had a wide variety of ages traveling with the youngest being six years of age and the oldest being over 40 in total 20 students traveled.

Students from Enfield, Kilcock, Sandymount and Drumcondra represented the Association over there.  Each student won a trophy and in some cases it was three and four.  All the hard work that students had put in had paid off.  Master White and the other instructors are very happy for the students that they done so well.  A total of 43 trophies were brought back and a lot of Scottish titles it was a really great trip.  As instructors we seen the students learn an awful lot and gain valuable experience.  We hope some more students will go on the trips in the future as they are also great fun.


Master White and the other instructors would like to thank all the parents for their time and effort with not only their own children but with all the other students that traveled, they also helped to make it a fantastic trip. Scotland trip photo's


See you at the All Ireland Open Tae Kwon Do Championships in June


Master Kirkwood Points Sparring Course

This course was a great success all the students from the T.A.I. and A.I.M.A.A. had a great time and learned so much and this goes down to Master Kirkwood's time and experience in Tae Kwon Do. Master Kirkwood had a vast array of technique's ,tip's and tricks for all the students to give them the edge on their opponent .We would like to thank Master Kirkwood for this course and we hope he will come back soon as our doors are always open to him .To see the photo's of this course please go to our photo's page.




Well its February already and so far we have had a Best of the Best competition a sparring course with Mr. Devane and our kickathon .Well done to all those who took part in the Best of the Best. The association would to thank Mr. Devane for a brilliant!! course and we hope to have him back soon with more sparring tips.We would like to also thank the students who are supporting other students who are going to Scotland in May by fund raising with the Kickathon .The Kickathon was a great success and it has to be said with a great help form the parents who were there and who really got involved with the Kickathon our thanks to you. Next up is the Inter club Competition on Saturday 21st February starting at 10am. This is followed by a grading the following week on Saturday 28th at 1pm. For more info. see your instructor, grading forms can be downloaded from the homepage.



We are sorry it took so long to update the web site it took even longer this time hopefully you have enough information here to keep you going well into next year. Again we have been so busy with so many competition's and classes. The students who traveled to the British Championships all done extremely well as the standard over there was very high in total we brought back six medals we are very very pleased with this. Hopefully next year we have as much success in the Scottish Championships and also the all Ireland open Tae Kwon Do Championships and not to forget the Best of the Best competitions as we did this year.
Hopefully in the newsletter you have all the dates you need for next year remember to check back later to see if any dates have been changed.
We would like to wish all our members a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.




Tae Kwon Do Association of Ireland        

 Christmas Newsletter 


 We have had a very successful year and we are very proud of our students.We had some great achievements in the European Championships and in the British Championships .We also done very well in the best of the best competitions with a lot of first places . There were a lot of successful promotions as well in grading's. We are planning to hold grading's on a more regular basis in the New Year this will be every two months.  Students can not grade every time there is a grading.  It is to facilitate students who cannot make certain dates.  There must be at least six months between the colour belt grading's. Students must also take part in at least three competitions in between grades as this provides them with experience and knowledge for their Tae Kwon Do career. 


We would like to wish Jordan White all the best as he competes in the Sports Karate International World games 28th December to the 1st Jan 2009 in Sacramento California



There will be many competitions in the New Year there is at least four before the summer break, dates of which can be found in this newsletter and on the web site. There is one soon after Christmas and it is the Best of the Best so you can use your Christmas break to keep training for that. The first competition of the New Year is on the 24th of January.



The association has been invited to the A.I.M.A.A Scottish Championships in May ,  If you are interested in going to this event please contact your Instructor,  we hope to  go over on the Saturday take part in the competition on Sunday and  return home on the Monday.  Details of flights and hotels will be put up on the web site www.tai.ie when we have them. There is also a two-day event on the 6th and 7th of June 2009 this is the All Ireland Open Tae Kwon Do Championships which promises to be a great event .Juniors are on Saturday and seniors are on Sunday.



 If any parents or students are interested in fund-raising for any of these competitions please see John Cassidy.  If you have any ideas or suggestions on fundraising please don't hesitate to let us know





  A message from The Master



To all the students and their families on behalf of myself and all Instructors we would like to wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

To the younger students please play safe over the Christmas break, remember students to thank your parents for all they have done for your over the last year, they have given up a lot of their time to help you in your Tae Kwon Do career, so treat them with respect and continue to thank them for all they have given you in life.


A lot of students have made great progress over the last year which is great to see and I have to congratulate them for there effort, but remember don't sit back and think you have made it there is still a lot of work to do.

I want all students in the association to put a picture of a Black Belt in their mind and focus on that during their training, that's what all the Instructors want you to aim for, so don't forget get that picture in there.


Students keep in mind all the work that Mr Richard Cullen has put in with you on the pattern courses.

Mr Cullen has brought you up to a high standard with your patterns so don't fall back behind, and also all the hard work that Mr John White has put in with you going over various sparring sessions, by all means have a good break over the Christmas but try and put in the odd days training, remembering its the students that put in the little extra training who generally come out the best in the grading's and competitions, so don't let your instructors down.


 A final thanks to Mr Danny Lennon for all his help during the year always being available to help out other students with their Tae Kwon Do training.


Finally for those students that come back in 2009 make it a good year for yourself your family and the association, set your goals for 2009 and be positive, if you really want it make it happen, we don't do negatives in our association.


 Have a safe and happy Christmas.



Master Patrick White 




 Closing dates


It's getting close to the end of the year now and would just like to give you some dates for class times, grading's and events in the New Year.


These clubs will finish up for Christmas on these dates:


Drumcondra                                       Wednesday 17th of December 2008

Sandymount                                          Friday 19th of December 2008

Kilcock                                              Friday the 19th of December 2008

Enfield                                                  Tuesday 16th of December 2008

Tyrrellstown                                       Monday 15th of December 2008


The clubs will reopen on the following dates:


Drumcondra                                           Monday the 5th of January 2009

Sandymount                                          Thursday the 8th of January 2009

Kilcock                                                 Friday the 9th of January 2009

Enfield                                                  Tuesday the 6th of January 2009

Tyrrellstown                                           Monday the 5th of January 2009


There will be a grading taking place in Kilcock on Friday the 12th of December

This grading will start at 6:30 p.m.

Those wishing to take part please could you give a grading form to your instructor.

A grading form is available from your instructor or from the web site www.tai.ie

There is also a grading in Drumcondra on the 13th of December starting at 10 a.m.


 Anyone who cannot make these grading dates do not fret as we hope to have more regular grading's in the New Year.

Some of the following dates may change, so check with your instructor as the dates get closer. This may be only by a week or so.


Grading dates:


Drumcondra                                       Saturday the 28th of February 2009 1 p.m.

Drumcondra                                       Saturday the 25th of April 2009 1 p.m.

Drumcondra                                       Saturday the 13th of June 2009 10 a.m.

Some of these grading's may be preceded by a grading in Kilcock the night before.

Please confirm this with your instructor.




 Course dates


We hope to bring you a number of courses and training classes in the New Year


Mr Robert Devane (Martial Arts Incorporated)

Drumcondra Saturday 10th of January at 10 a.m.

Mr Devane  has reached black belt level in numerous styles of martial arts, and has a vast knowledge of competitive sparring winning several titles and world medals in his career.

This will be followed by a pattern course held by Mr Cullen. This course will finish at about 2 p.m. Cost €10


Master Kirkwood (A.I.M.A.A Scotland)
Drumcondra Saturday 21st of March at
10 a.m.

Master Kirkwood is the head of A.I.M.A.A in Scotland and has years of experience in Tae Kwon Do.€10

Mr Cullen sparring and pattern course
Drumcondra April 4th (


Competition dates


Best of the Best                                                             January 24th Roadstone
Best of the Best                                                             April 18th Roadstone
A.I.M.A.A Scottish Championships                                  May 10th Hamilton Scotland
All Ireland Open Tae Kwon Do Championships      June 6th and 7th Roadstone
Best of the Best                                                             September 19th
Best of the Best                                                November 28th Roadstone


Inter club competitions:   


Drumcondra   Sat 21st Feb. 2009

Also on Sat 28th March (venue T.B.C.)


We hope to have more if we get the time. Some dates may be the subject to change please check the web site as the dates get closer.





Sorry it took so long to update but we have been so busy. Lets start with all the students that went to the European Championships and who were so successful . The association done very well I think we brought home about 26 medals from 22 students .More details on our photos page . this was a fantastic achievement and more so the experience that each student gained and also the instructors as with everything you never stop learning .We hope to see more of you there the next time as we have been invited to the world championships next year .


Some students took part in a pattern competition the week before and were also very successful in this , it was a great warm up for the European Championships in Cork .


The association has some new promotions to be acknowledged as well the Friday before the European Championships there was a grading held in Mallow by Master Frank Murphy . Master Murphy is well know in Tae Kwon Do and has a history in Tae Kwon Do second to none .May I take this opportunity to thank Master Murphy from the association and wish him all the best in the future


The promotions are as follows:

Master Pat White 6th Degree

James White 5th Degree

Neil Sorohan 3rd Degree

Michael Sorohan 3rd Degree

David Ryan 3rd Degree

Richard Cullen 3rd Degree

Gerard Byrne 2nd Degree

Well done to all.Take a look



The association has had a good year so far so lets keep it up. If you have any photos that you would like to put up please send them on to me via our contact page with some information about it (name date competition etc).

Please check the next few dates as some have changed.



Well Done to all students who took part in the latest Inter club competition . It was a great success and students from all clubs did very well .The instructors were very happy with the students who turned up and the way they fought and preformed their patterns on the day .These inter club and all competitions are invaluable to your advancement in Tae Kwon Do. As instructors we like to see you attending these competitions and watching your progress as you further you career in Tae Kwon Do. Well done again .Don't forget to check out our photos page to see if you are up there. Next up Pattern Course 23 February


Happy New Year to all our students and we hope you had a good Christmas. All the clubs will start back this week and we look forward to seeing you all . Congratulations to all who took part and were successfully in the recent grading .Check out our dates page to see when the next grading is on also some competition dates there as well .



Enfield will finish up on 18th
St.Pats 19th
Sandymount 20th
Kilcock 21st

Important Dates for 2008

All Clubs Are At the Usual Times

  1. Monday 07.01.2008 St Pats Starts Back
  2. Tuesday 08.01.2008 Enfield Starts Back
  3. Thursday 10.01.2008 Sandymount Starts Back
  4. Friday 11.01.2008 Kilcock Starts Back
  5. Saturday 26.01.2008 Battle of the Champions (Roadstone)
  6. Saturday 09.02.2008 Pattern Class St Pats Drumcondra
  7. Saturday 01.03.2008 Pattern Class St Pats Drumcondra
  8. Saturday 08.03.2008 Grading St.Pats Drumcondra
  9. Sunday 05.04.2008 Best of the Best Competition Roadstone
  10. Saturday & Sunday 26&27.04.2008 Tae Kwon-Do International European Championships 2008

Check Back For Updates and more Info. Soon


The next grading will take place in Enfield Co.Meath on 15th December at 4.15 p.m. - 6.15 p.m. If you need a grading form please download it here .Please see your instructor for details of the grading fee.


We are holding a pattern course on the 1st December to coincide with the grading.It is very important that students who wish to be considered for the next grading and future grades attend this course.


Congratulations and well done to all those that took part in the recent Best of the Best Grand Final. We were really pleased with the turn out and the achievements of all our students. Check back to see some of the photos soon.

New classes are starting in all clubs . We take beginners from 5 years of age all are welcome so check out our clubs to see the one nearest you.

Don't forget the next Best of the Best competition 22nd September.We would like to see you all there taking part and gaining experience. Good luck to all those taking part.

Classes will start back on the Monday 27th of August 2007 in Drumcondra .Other clubs will start back the following week . We hope you enjoyed the summer break and are looking forward to training again because we are .The next Best of the Best competition is on the 22 of September "THE MELTDOWN" you have plenty of time to to prepare for it so we would like to see you all there

Good luck to all those taking part in the up and coming grading