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Some students with their medals from Cork

thumbnail Aoibheann Dillion Kelly copythumbnail Aoibheann Dillion Kellythumbnail Aoibheann Ella Katie copythumbnail Aoibheann Ella Katiethumbnail Carragh Dillion Kellythumbnail Copy of Dave Ryan
thumbnail Danny Lennon copythumbnail Danny Lennonthumbnail Dave Ryan copythumbnail Dave Ryanthumbnail Ella Connollythumbnail Fionn Dilion Kelly
thumbnail Fionn Dillion Kelly_thumbnail IMG_8048thumbnail IMG_8052thumbnail IMG_8055_1thumbnail IMG_8070thumbnail IMG_8071
thumbnail IMG_8072thumbnail IMG_8073thumbnail Jordan Whitethumbnail Justin Eaganthumbnail Katie Whitethumbnail Louis Cassidy

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